Bug Repelling Plants for Outdoor Living Spaces

Do you have an outdoor living space at your New England home? Whether for relaxation or entertaining, outdoor spaces can be fantastic additions to your home. But there is one problem that comes along with outdoor living- insects!

If you want to enjoy your outdoor rooms without the irritation of uninvited guests, consider building a container garden of plants that may discourage bugs from invading your space. This is an attractive, all natural, and affordable solution, and so easy! Take a look at some of the plants you could choose from, according to Lifehacker:

  • Citronella- You’re probably familiar with citronella candles made from the oil of this grass. You could line a patio in long, low planters of citronella grass for a casual look that creates an almost wall-like effect.
  • Catnip- Catnip is easy to grow and hard to kill. And of course, if you have cats, they’ll love fresh catnip as a treat.
  • Rosemary- Not only does this plant smell wonderful, it’s also great with grilled meats. Planting some near your outdoor kitchen may keep the bugs away, and you can pluck a few sprigs to add to your meal. (Assuming the plant doesn’t have any pesticides on it, of course!)
  • Marigolds- The bright, vibrant blossoms of the marigold are perfect for adding a pop of color to your patio or deck.

Do you have any tips for keeping bugs out of your outdoor living spaces? Leave us a comment with your suggestions!

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photo via Flickr


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